"Bringing technology to the rest of us"

Matco General Technologies

With over 20 years of experience bringing new technologies to market, Matco has helped companies realize their potential through proven sales and marketing processes.  Just a few of our past and present clients/partners.

Cincom is the world's most experienced software company providing solutions to help customers simplify complex business processes and transform corporate information into competitive advantage. Products include manufacturing control systems, contact center and customer relationship management systems, databases, document management, sales knowledge systems and e-business solutions.Cincom has a track record for on-time, on-budget implementations that result in a faster return on investment.
ACS is an authorized BASF Polyurethane Specialty Systems distributolr. ACS provides a variety of two-component chemical "systems" that consist of an isocyanate component and a polyol blend component to a broad industrial marketplace. When metered together and mixed at the appropriate ratio, the end result is a polyurethane product which may be rigid, flexible or elastomeric in nature.
Matco General Technologies, Inc. specializes in market development and business development for a wide range of technologies. In business since 1992, Matco has built a reputation based on integrity and industry expertise that has helped it's clients gain a significant advantage over thier competition.
EnviRx is an environmentally safe oil and grease emulsifier. EnviRx has undergone testing by the EPA and is listed as a petroleum cleaner and dispersant and has passed the laboratory and sea testing of the Warren Springs Laboratory (UK). EnviRx is listed on the NCP product schedule under dispersants and as a surface-washing agent on the 1997 Emergency Response Division listing.
Formula World Racing (FWR) is a multi-dimensional organization that is horizontally and vertically integrated with the Motorsports industry. Over the past 3 years, FWR has worked to develop market expertise, partnerships, sponsor relations and the complete design and development of a uniquely position Le Mans prototype racer that will provide the foundation of all future activities of FWR.
Coates Enterprises, LTD. has developed the Spherical Rotary Valve Engine System (CSRV) that utilizes spherical valves that rotate in a cavity formed between a two-piece cylinder head. The Coates SRV provides benefits of such magnitude that it will revolutionize engine manufacturing and design for the foreseeable future.
Advertech Ltd™ has been dedicated to providing solutions for the call center industry for over 23 years. Advertech Ltd™ specializes in addressing the most fundamental issue facing each and every call center today ... "How can we be more EFFICIENT and more EFFECTIVE?".
MISA Trans was created to further the research and development of the MISA Transformer. A revolutionary invention for every industry that utilizes electricity: from consumer electronics to power plants. Based on electro-magnetically interrogated sine wave amplification, the MISA Transformer promises to significantly increase AC-DC / DC-AC power conversion efficiency.