Ever had a problem and couldn’t figure out how to contact Facebook? Well fret no more…I have provided a number of links to various FORMS that you can fill out in order to contact Facebook directly.

Note…many of these forms only COLLECT data, nothing else.  What does that mean? Well if you submit a form because you cannot reach a particular page you think should be there…good luck, they propbably won’t get back to you.  But if you submit a ticket regarding trademark infringment (read: legal repercusions) someone will respond.  It is up to you to walk the fine line between filling out a form specific to your issue that you know they won’t answer, or selecting something that might be related, but has a higher probablity of being answered.

All I can say is good luck!

Facebook’s Brand Permissions

Report That Your Facebook Personal Profile or Fan Page was Disabled

Facebook disables both personal Profiles and Pages for violating their Terms of Use. They can often be rather heavy-handed though! Use one of these forms as appropriate to submit a report:

Restore Content After Your Account Is Reactivated

Claim/Find Your Official Fan Page

Get Help With Facebook Groups & Events

NOTE: Once your group reaches 5,000 members, the option to message them will be removed. This measure is in place for technical reasons and to prevent spam.

How to delete/close a group: http://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=12606

Report Problems with Uploading Photos and Videos

Reclaim Your Trademarked Username

Report Copyright and Intellectual Property Infringement

See also this Help Center page: How to Report Claims of Intellectual Property Infringement page

Get Help With Facebook Mobile

Get Help With Facebook Ads, Ad Credits / Report A Facebook Ad

Get Help With Facebook Credits

Add Your City To Facebook’s Database

Report Bugs and Error Messages

Include a screenshot whenever possible. There’s a browse/upload file for the image on certain forms where appropriate.

Report Hacking, Malicious Links, Scams

Report Offenders

Report Unauthorized Content of Minors

Report When A Friend/Family Member Dies – Memorialize a Profile

Submit Suggestions to Facebook

See the directory of Suggestion forms on Facebook here.

Delete Your Account

While you can often find solutions to common issues by searching Facebook’s Help Center. I find that for more complex issues it is all but useless.  You are better off doing a Google search for your issue.