Matco Enterprises

Formerly Matco General Technologies

Founded in 1992, Matco General Technologies, Inc. was established to help small companies install and maintain a wide variety of technologies. From accounting and factory automation systems to local area networks, shared printers and servers. From the beginning, Matco has focused on utilizing the latest technologies, ensure successful adoption and utilization while providing high levels of customer satisfaction.

Matco Enterprises was formed to accommodate our changing business and our renewed focus on business processes and the integration and alignment of those process and technologies. Still targeting small to medium sized businesses and committed to our customers success, our focused approach helps us to better serve our customers needs.

We have experience in a wide array of technologies and many open source platforms. If you are looking for something particular, please let us know.

Matco Enterprises (formerly Matco General Technologies) has been in and around a wide range of technologies, from advanced composites to environmental solutions, even race car development and manufacturing. Our wide range of experience helps us to think outside of the box to solve today’s problems. Below are just a few of our past endeavors: