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Google Voice, Talk and do they work together?

So you want to make calls from your home computer? Or maybe you are tired of paying the phone company and want something that doens't cost you $40/month.  Or maybe you need a second line for a home business?  Well Google has you covered.  I have been a fan of Google products for some time.  I used as my default home page because it loads fast and doesn't have a ton of crap on the page.  I use Gmail for an extra email address and everything else from Voice, Places, Analytics, Blogger, Youtube, Piccass to Docs...they have you covered!  But recently I was looking for a way to make unlimited domestics calls from my home office without paying $30/month to, RingCentral or Vonage (which is the worst of the three).

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Fresh Windows 7 Installation CD

Bought a Windows 7 PC in the past year or two? Ever thought about reformatting and reinstalling Windows because your PC has slowed down, or you simply want to purge it of all the 'crap' the PC manufacture installed on it...none of which you will ever use?  Well then your not alone, but like most people in your situation, you probably don't have the original Windows 7 DVD, or if you made recovery disks, they will have all the worthless bloatware crap the manufacture installed. So where do you go from here?

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How Can I Contact Facebook?

Ever had a problem and couldn't figure out how to contact Facebook? Well fret no more...I have provided a number of links to various FORMS that you can fill out in order to contact Facebook directly.


Note...many of these forms only COLLECT data, nothing else.  What does that mean? Well if you submit a form because you cannot reach a particular page you think should be there...good luck, they propbably won't get back to you.  But if you submit a ticket regarding trademark infringment (read: legal repercusions) someone will respond.  It is up to you to walk the fine line between filling out a form specific to your issue that you know they won't answer, or selecting something that might be related, but has a higher probablity of being answered.


All I can say is good luck!

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