Google Voice, Talk and Chat…how do they work together?

So you want to make calls from your home computer? Or maybe you are tired of paying the phone company and want something that doens’t cost you $40/month.  Or maybe you need a second line for a home business?  Well Google has you covered.  I have been a fan of Google products for some time. […]

How Can I Contact Facebook?

Ever had a problem and couldn’t figure out how to contact Facebook? Well fret no more…I have provided a number of links to various FORMS that you can fill out in order to contact Facebook directly. Note…many of these forms only COLLECT data, nothing else.  What does that mean? Well if you submit a form […]

Venture Atlanta 2011

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I attended Venture Atlanta, the premier investor conference in Georgia. The conference is attended by investors from across the country, Georgia entrepreneurs, senior technology executives and others who are interested in emerging companies. Held each October, the conference is attended annually by over 600 individuals who make up the […]