Fresh Windows 7 Installation CD

Bought a Windows 7 PC in the past year or two? Ever thought about reformatting and reinstalling Windows because your PC has slowed down, or you simply want to purge it of all the ‘crap’ the PC manufacture installed on it…none of which you will ever use?  Well then your not alone, but like most […]

Joomla Open Source CMS

CMS stands for Content Management System and why that matters on the web… It was not so long ago that when you wanted to create a website, you broke out your favorite web design application like Dreamweaver, and started crafting HTML pages, linking them all together to create a website.  As you could imagine, this […]

OpenDNS – hosted DNS services and what you need to know

A visit to what appeared to be a legitimate site a while back, but what later turned out to be a phishing site, had me concerned.  If someone with as much technical and web savviness as myself could be duped, what chance would the average Joe have (no pun intended!).  In an effort to eliminate […]

CloudBerry Online Backup for Amazon S3

In my last post I talked about this thing called S3 from Amazon.  All you need to know is that is a safe, secure and reliable storage service for uploading your files for safe keeping.  The manner in which you get your files from point A (your PC) to point B (Amazon S3) is just as important. […]